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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Max claims he's too busy to chat with her at work and Stephanie complains to Caroline that he's shut her out of his life since the elder Shawn died. Caroline offers to talk with him.

She insists he stop working for a minute and suggests he get away and spend time with Stephanie.

Max apologizes to Stephanie and then tells Caroline he's taking the day off. Seeking legal advice about her divorce from Victor, Nicole tells E.J. that if he gets her the settlement she wants, she'll cut him in on a percentage. Sami interrupts and claims that E.J. would never take her on as a client.

Nicole laughs at her but Mickey approaches and also asks E.J. not to take her case. He pulls him aside but can't get E.J. to see the error of his ways. He rushes to stop Sami from attacking her after Nicole makes a rude comment about Sami's sex life.

Alone with E.J., Nicole badmouths Sami, pointing out that Lucas is in prison and Will is in Europe because of her. Sami overhears this and tosses a drink in her face. She warns E.J. that he must choose between her or Nicole but E.J. takes her case because they need the money.

Paul confronts John at the Pub and demands that he get him out of his legal mess or he'll throw him to the D.A. John tells him to relax. Paul leaves when Marlena admits she doesn't like seeing him with Paul but John asks Marlena to give him a chance and suggests that she try to turn him into the man she wants.

Warning Maggie that Nicole is back in town, Philip's forced to return to the Kiriakis mansion after Chloe calls to explain that agents from the Vienna consulate are demanding she come with them. When he arrives, the agents drag Chloe away and later guesses that Nicole is responsible for this.

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