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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

While Bo pushes Lexie to officially release him from the hospital, Kayla seeks the same from Daniel who gives her a hard time. Later, Daniel signs Bo's release papers after Bo agrees to get some rest at home.

The doctor then tells him he's not allowed to drive for six weeks.

Bo then thanks him for saving his life. After Daniel leaves, Bo calls Caroline for a favor. Meanwhile, Lexie signs Kayla's release but orders her to go home to bed. Kayla then calls Caroline who arrives to take them both home. They instruct her to take the to the Pub and won't tell her what's wrong.

Bo shows Kayla a DVD and boasts that it will lead them to Steve and Hope. Alone with Steve, Ava pushes him to accept her in his life again but he suggests that while they were fantastic together, it's not that way any longer. Ava kisses him and claims that she became sick because he left her and wants him to make up for it.

When he pulls back from her, Ava asks what's wrong.

He explains that when he has sex with her, he wants it to be just right and not as her prisoner. When he reminds her that his pregnant wife is down the hall, Ava orders him to choose between her and Kayla. She tries to kiss him but Steve complains about his sore ribs and announces that he can't have sex tonight.

She slaps him and walks out. Steve runs to Hope and warns that Ava's in bad shape.

Angelo catches them together and takes Steve out. While dancing with John, Marlena suddenly stops and heads back to the table where she admits she's not sure if she wants the "new" John in her life.

She adds that her feelings for him are confused and while she does love him, she also states that he does things that she doesn't like. Marlena hints that she needs a break from him until she can figure out her feelings.

Unable to change her mind, John watches as she walks away.

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