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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Hope has a nightmare in which Ava tries to kill Bo.

Steve remembers his past with Ava and tells Angelo that Ava needs help. Angelo admits that he would kill Steve for causing Ava's problems but Ava has ordered him to leave Steve alone.

Philip accuses Nicole of arranging for the Austrian authorities to take Chloe away. Nicole denies it and when he orders her to pack up and get out of the mansion, she refuses.

He claims Victor also wants her to move out so she decides to call E.J. for legal advice.

Nicole orders him to the mansion as soon as possible.

When he arrives, Nicole asks E.J. to order Philip to back off. Warning Philip not to touch Nicole, E.J. states that she has a right to stay there as Victor's wife.

Nicole thanks E.J. who advises her that she'll pay a huge fee for getting him out of bed this late.

Bo and Kayla watch the DVD from the hospital parking lot security camera and eventually spot Ava driving Hope's car with Hope in the backseat. Bo calls a friend to check cameras in hopes of spotting Hope's car.

Kayla fears they've reached a dead end but Bo insists they'll track her down.

He offers his snitch Earl some cash for information and when the money doesn't work, Bo angrily threatens him, forcing Earl to reveal that the Vitali family has a "compound" north of Brockville.

The snitch warns him about trying to enter the place. Kayla forces Bo to let her accompany him on the mission by threatening to call the police if he leaves without her.

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