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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

After Angelo brings Hope to Steve, he warns Ava that there may be an intruder in their compound and fears that her father will find out who she is hiding. He suggests that they end this problem permanently but Ava insists she wants no more blood on her hands.

Steve overhears this and suggests to Hope that there may be some good news for them.

He calls out to see Ava and tells her that he wants to talk to her about being with her again.

He claims he's ended things with his wife and now wants Ava. Ava doesn't believe him and as she tries to decide about running away with him, she suffers a terrible headache and loses control again. As Steve tries to control her, Hope eyes Angelo's gun.

Angelo grabs it and then starts to beat Steve. Outside, Bo and Kayla argue about what approach to use to enter the building. Kayla suddenly stands and is immediately spotted. As Bo watches, Kayla demands to see Ava and states that she is Steve's real wife. Bo then jumps the two guards holding her.

After Ava calms down, Angelo leaves to investigate the intruders. Ava enters the room to confront Steve only to be surprised by Bo and Kayla. As they free Steve and Hope, Kayla tells Ava that she grabbed the wrong "wife." But when Kayla suffers a stomach cramp, Ava grabs a gun and shoots Hope.

John tells Sami and E.J. that he's thinking of taking Nicole on as a client.

Sami badmouths the woman, but John points out that E.J. agreed to be her attorney. While Sami leaves to tend to a crying baby, E.J. tells John that Nicole actually may hate Victor more than John does and considers what this may mean to him. As Sami returns, John warns him that he's not sure he wants him to take Nicole as a client and boasts that he's head of the DiMera family and has a say over what E.J. does.

E.J. disagrees and when John reminds him that he and Sami are living under his roof, E.J. announces that they are moving out. Pointing out they're broke, Sami refuses to leave and then explains her past with Nicole.

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