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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4/2

Today on Days of Our Lives, Rolf informs John about another Kiriakis shipment that has arrived at the pier. John boasts that this is another shipment that will never be unloaded and is unconcerned when Rolf points out how upset Victor and Philip will be.

Sami and E.J. approach John and Marlena for help stopping the INS from kicking E.J. out of the country.

Sami also leaks that she's having trouble paying her bills.

E.J. asks Marlena if they can move in with her to prove to the INS that they are a family. As Marlena blurts out a reason not to have them with her, John is amused until she suggests they live at the DiMera mansion.

Sami doesn't like the idea but then suggests it would work better if Marlena moved in too. Marlena considers the idea and realizes it might help in her efforts to bring the "old" John back. Rolf is against it but John won't consider his vote. Inviting Chloe, Daniel and Philip to a little dinner party, Victor toasts to the doctor for his effort to save Bo's life and to Chelsea for being brave enough to make her "donation."

Kate interrupts and gets her own invitation. Daniel tells Chloe he went to one of her performances in Vienna and loved it. When Victor makes a rude remark about her singing ability, Chloe walks out followed by Philip. Kate warns Victor that if he continues to insult Chloe, he may send her right into Philip's arms.

When Philip forces her to return to the table, Victor admits he's sorry that Brady is missing. Chloe's upset again when he adds that he thinks she had something to do with his disappearance.

Things get worse when Nicole Walker suddenly bursts in.

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