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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

As Ava hits Steve and cries, he apologizes to her while Bo whispers to Steve that it's time they get out of there. Hope and Kayla both offer to get Ava some help but she screams at them that she hates them.

Kayla blasts her for causing the elder Shawn to die and though she calms down a bit, Ava announces that she wants them all killed. Kayla forces her hand on her belly so she can feel the baby move.

Steve convinces Angelo that he must stop Ava but his efforts fail as Hope, Bo, Kayla and Steve are tied up again. After Hope passes out, Ava announces that she is going to keep them prisoner until Kayla has her baby.

Then, she will take the baby and decide who lives and dies. Sami tells E.J. that she won't allow him to accompany her and the twins to the park because he accepted Nicole as his client.

She orders him to dump her but he refuses and points out they need the money.

She threatens to tell the immigration agent the truth but he responds that John was right in thinking that Sami's jealous. Sami denies it but guesses he's attracted to Nicole. In Chelsea's hospital room, Kate pushes Daniel to make her better but Chelsea assures Kate that the doctor will make sure she's fine.

Alone with Daniel, Chelsea asks him to be honest about her condition but he doesn't know what's wrong at this time. When the nurse brings in the blood test results, Daniel reacts and asks her to rush the rest.

Chelsea starts to panic so Daniel asks her where she'd like to travel. As she talks, Chelsea imagines Daniel kissing her. Until next time on Days of Our Lives ...

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