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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

John confronts Paul about Victor or Philip bribing him.

Paul admits that they both pleaded with him to let their shipments in but insists he is loyal to John. John demands proof of his loyalty and guesses he's going to go with whomever offers him the most money.

Paul claims he just wants his job back but John doesn't know if that's going to happen. Paul responds with a veiled threat but John explains he will need his help soon so be ready and hands him a stack of cash.

As Daniel finishes examining Chelsea in the hospital, Victor joins Kate and Nick as the doctor announces that she is suffering from peritonitis. Kate is outraged that she's ill while Victor wonders where Bo is.

Daniel insists that Chelsea knew the risks of donating her pancreas to her father.

The doctor assures he'll do everything he can to make his patient well again. After more medication, Daniel shows Kate his success and then leaves to give Victor an update.

While Sami and E.J. work out in the gym, Nicole interrupts and trades barbs with Sami. Morgan eyes Philip who asks her to tell her father to stay away from John for fear his career may completely end.

As they talk about her father and then Chelsea, John overhears them and decides it's time to act. Maggie arrives with a personal trainer who quickly hints aloud to Nicole that she needs to start exercising.

Nicole asks E.J. for time to discuss her case.

Maggie questions Sami about Lucas and she reveals that he refuses to see her in prison. Sami is outraged to find Nicole has taken Allie out of the daycare room and reprimands her.

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