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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Kayla demands to see Ava. When she arrives, Kayla notices the pill she took and asks what it was. Ava shows her the bottle but then denies that Kayla really cares about her. Kayla claims she does because she intends to raise the baby Kayla is carrying.

She asks her about the drugs and the treatment she's received. After Ava mentions her suicide attempt, Kayla suspects that there is something wrong about her diagnosis and thinks her pills are doing more damage than good. Morgan stops by the Pub and tells Max that she's worried about her father.

As he hugs her, Stephanie arrives and finds them in a clinch. After Morgan pulls back, Max insists the hug was innocent. Stephanie lies that she didn't even notice it and then worries about her missing parents.

As they talk, Angelo's thug keeps an eye on Stephanie and calls his boss for an update. Angelo orders him to keep following Steve's daughter. Later, Morgan gets Stephanie to admit that she loves Max and urges her to tell him. Stephanie approaches Max but can't tell him her feelings.

Shutting off the lights and announcing a power failure, Max sends all the customers out of the Pub and then locks the door, leaving him with Stephanie who finally confesses she loves him. Max eventually responds that he loves her too.

John's surprised when Marlena returns from her trip and announces that after much thought, she has decided to accept him for what he is now. E.J. and Sami interrupt. Later, Marlena catches Rolf near the safe but fails to see the disc he's hiding that contains John's memories.

Sami complains to Marlena about her run-in with Nicole. E.J. overhears her telling Marlena that she hates E.J. though Marlena guesses she cares for him. Sami blasts E.J. for listening in while John tells Marlena about Sami punching Nicole.

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