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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Chloe complains to Philip that Victor kicked her out of the mansion. He promises he'll talk to Victor so she'll be able to return tonight. Kissing Stephanie, Max invites her up to his room.

There, Max tells her that she doesn't have to do this if she's not ready but Stephanie claims the time is right. He stops however and decides it's best if they wait and returns to tend bar.

Abe tells Roman about the missing couples and they get an address for the Vitali building. Demanding to see her husband, Kayla's taken to Ava's room where she is shocked to find Steve in bed with Ava.

Outraged, Kayla tries to leave but finds the door locked. Steve accuses Ava of planning this.

As they argue, Bo frees himself, knocks out the guards, unties Hope, grabs the guards' guns and heads to Ava's locked room.

Inside, Ava hears a noise and reaches for a gun, vowing to kill whoever opens the door. But as Bo bursts in, Steve takes Ava's gun. They lock Angelo in Ava's room and head out with Ava as their shield, handing her over to Abe and Roman.

Angelo uses a cellphone to call Tom, the man watching Stephanie. Marlena's upset to find John prepared for a dinner date with Nicole. John accuses her of being jealous but she denies it.

After he states that it's actually just a business dinner, Nicole arrives. Marlena secretly listens as John suggests to Nicole that they can be good together. Caught snooping by Rolf, Marlena demands that he reverse what Stefano did to John.

The scientist claims that it can't be done so she vows to do it herself. When she mentions John's "war" with Victor, John accuses Nicole of spying and asks if she's working for Victor or Philip.

He kicks her out and later, Nicole tells Chloe that Victor's always known where Brady is. Armed with a knife, Tom grabs Stephanie.

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