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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

While at the Pub with E.J., Sami sees Marlena arrive with John and tells her about Nicole's claim that Victor has always known where Brady is. When Victor interrupts, Marlena tells him that Brady has been found.

Sami accuses Victor of hiding Brady to get revenge and Victor responds that Chloe deserved to be tormented after introducing Brady to the druggies who got him addicted. John blasts Victor for playing God with his son while Marlena announces that they are going to bring Brady home and help him.

Abe informs Philip that Brady has refused to press charges against Victor. Bo lays into Daniel after hearing that Chelsea can't have children, thanks to her transplant donation. Chelsea wakes and assures Bo that she trusts her doctor did nothing wrong during the operation.

Out in the hall, Daniel decides he needs to pull away from this case because he's becoming too close to his patient. Hope tries to stop Chelsea from thinking she's being punished for killing Zack.

Philip steps between John and Victor and advises Victor that Chloe is not responsible for Brady's addiction. Victor explains that he didn't tell Philip what he did in case there were any legal consequences to his actions. When John's called to the station house, Philip follows him.

Paul tries to send his daughter away as he prepares to be interrogated by Abe. Morgan refuses to leave. With Roman assisting, Abe threatens to put Paul behind bars. John arrives and quickly defends Paul, calling him a true professional. When asked if he bribed Paul, John evades answering.

Paul admits that the police offered him a deal but when they can't present any evidence, he walks out. Morgan blasts Philip for going after her father but he insists Paul is guilty. John spots Roman's nameplate and is startled by his reaction to it. Marlena guesses he remembered something but he denies it.

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