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Days of Our Lives
Episode Guide, 4.4.08

Today on Days of Our Lives, Victor's breakfast is ruined when Nicole and then Chloe join him. After he leaves, the two women argue about Brady until they start throwing their breakfast at each other.

Victor has another therapy session with Marlena. Visiting her in her hospital room, Stephanie lectures her mother about getting out of bed in her delicate condition.

Kayla worries that Steve is keeping something from her and convinces Stephanie to tell her about Ava. When Angelo brings Steve back to Hope, he explains that nothing happened at dinner since Ava passed out.

Hope warns that Angelo told her he blames Steve for Ava's problems. Finding Steve upset, Ava assumes he's arguing with his wife and Steve confirms it, telling her that "Kayla" is jealous.

Alone with "Kayla," Ava lies that she and Steve had sex last night. Hope feigns anger and tells Ava she can have Steve. When Steve comes back, "Kayla" slaps him and says she wants nothing to do with him. As they argue, Kayla calls Steve's cellphone and Ava demands to know who is calling. Philip confronts John about another Kiriakis shipment being delayed at the docks and accuses him of bribing Paul Hollingsworth.

He shows John the morning newspaper which tells the story of Paul being arrested and charged. Philip offers John a mutually beneficial deal but he's not interested. Daniel lectures Bo about trying to get out of bed.

Bo warns that his daughter seems to have a crush on him but Daniel doesn't believe him and reminds his patient that he is also Chelsea's doctor. Later, however, Daniel agrees to met Chelsea. Warning her that Hope is in danger, Bo asks Caroline to help him get out of the hospital.

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Days of Our Lives
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