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Days of Our Lives
August 1, 2008

Lucas assures a caring Chloe that she's not responsible for the beating he took in prison. Maggie arrives in time to hear Chloe promise to take care of him and asks Lucas what Sami would think.

Lucas assures her that Sami knows she's there and then answers her questions about his problems with Sami. She urges him not to throw away his relationship with Sami just because he was caught with Chloe.

Chloe overhears her giving him a key to the Horton cabin on Smith Island. Hope tells Roman that she's having someone investigate the source of the anonymous email.

Harry returns with the news that it seems to have come from the Kiriakis mansion.

Roman doubts that Philip would be so dumb as to use his own computer. Harry then checks again and announces that it actually came from Java.

Hope quickly realizes that someone is setting someone up. Roman privately worries to Hope that John is behind all of this.

At the Java, Hope has the security tape for the place examined and calls Roman to report that it was Ava who sent the email.

When Bo warns Philip about the email, Philip leaks that he too got a note written by someone who claims to know his secret.

Bo responds that this sounds like he's being set up and Philip guesses it's John but doesn't know how he got his hands on that recording.

Bo vows to find out. Later, he confesses to Hope that he tampered with the evidence. Nicole confides to E.J. that she told him about Trent because she trusts him and wants to have a relationship with him.

When he guesses that Trent has some secrets of his own, Nicole blurts out that Max is his son and that Trent has asked her to find out where he is. E.J. offers to help her investigate Trent.

Morgan visits Lucas and is caught off- guard when he reveals that while he was in a coma, he heard confess that she loved him.

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Days of Our Lives
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