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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

A nurse advises Chloe and Lucas that the entire 7th floor of the hospital is locked down. Lucas spots gas seeping in through the vent in his room and opts to leave with Chloe.

However, as the gas gets worse, Lucas agrees that they should split up to find a way out. With his baby now on oxygen, Steve discovers the door is locked so they can't get out.

Kayla finds out about the lockdown and goes looking for her husband and son. She uses a security code to enter the room but lets the door close behind her, frustrating Steve.

Steve then blocks the vents in the room. Someone removes the oxygen mask covering Marlena face. John checks on her and replaces her mask.

Chloe enters to talk with Marlena but finds her unresponsive.

She panics when she glances into a mirror and imagines her face is hideously scarred. In the waiting area, Sami worries about her twins.

E.J. vows to get them out safely but as she panics, she imagines him turning into Stefano and starts screaming at him. She runs away from him and eventually bumps into Stefano in the hallway.

He explains his plans for her and E.J. and boasts about their son being the next DiMera heir. Sami refuses to have anything to do with his family and runs out through a stairwell door.

Stefano then runs into Chloe who is shocked when he addresses her. E.J. finds John and asks why he's not affected by the gas.

John guesses it's due to all the toxins he's had to deal with in his troubled life. Stefano enters Marlena's room and is pleased to find her unable to speak.

He then sends more gas to her face, vowing to make her pay for what she did to him. Chloe warns Tony and John that she saw Stefano outside Marlena's room.

Sami imagines Stefano coming down the stairs after her and trips him, unaware she's actually tripped E.J. and sent him tumbling.

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