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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Nicole searches the DiMera mansion for Rolf in hopes that he can unlock the hospital's seventh floor to get Sami away from E.J.

Unable to find anyone, Nicole sits down with a drink and imagines being in an old black and white detective movie with Lucas, Sami, Philip, Chloe and E.J.

As Sami hides in E.J. and Nicole's bedroom closet when Nicole returns home to her husband. She asks E.J. where he's been all night.

He insists that she's the only woman for him. Guessing he's also in love with her father's bank account, Nicole warns him what would happen if she finds out he's fooling around on her.

While Nicole leaves to get some ice, E.J. sneaks Sami out, unaware she dropped one of her earrings. Later, Nicole finds the earring.

Sami returns to Lucas's detective agency and offers her earrings to pawn when he complains that they are broke.

She removes the one earring and wonders where the other is. He offers to help her find it and asks where she was earlier. Sami puts him off.

Later, Nicole stops by his office and hires him to find out who E.J. is seeing. She pulls out Sami's earring and claims it belongs to her husband's "tart."

Lucas recognizes it and reveals that it belongs to his wife. Meanwhile, at his nightclub, Philip finds Chloe upset and asks if he can help.

She auditions for him and he quickly hires her to sing at the club. E.J.'s impressed to hear her sing and asks Philip about her. Philip claims that she's "taken."

Later, Chloe stops by the detective agency and offers her ex-boss some cash, admitting that he's the only guy for her. Lucas reminds her he's married and insists he would never cheat.

Lucas accompanies Nicole to the club where they catch Sami and E.J. kissing. Sami announces that she's running away with E.J.

Later, she finds Nicole instead of E.J. in their bedroom. Nicole strangles her. Lucas is hurt to find Philip kissing Chloe.

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