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Days of Our Lives
August 19, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, in her fantasy, Nicole continues to smother Sami with a pillow until she lets up. Sami then starts to strangle her only to be overcome.

Nicole tells her that no one fools around with her man and gets away with it. Hearing footsteps, Nicole hides Sami's body before E.J. enters.

When he calls out for Sami, Nicole confronts him but he lies that he was actually looking for her. She forces him to admit that he's been with Sami but he claims he's always been that kind of guy.

E.J. adds that he can't stay faithful and suggests she doesn't deserve a guy like him. When she worries about what she has done, E.J. asks what happened. Nicole covers but he walks out.

Nicole then calls Lucas for help.

Meanwhile, at the club Lucas assures Chloe and Philip that there is nothing going on between them, reminding them both that he's a married man.

When he walks out, Chloe wants to follow but Philip stops her. Promising her all that Lucas can't give her, Philip claims that she has nowhere else to go.

Chloe gets on stage and sings another song.

He asks her to stay with him and work for him. He also offers to help her forget about Lucas but she warns him that she'll always be in love with Lucas.

After she leaves, E.J. arrives and admits that he and Sami were planning to go away but now he can't find her. Nicole shows Lucas Sami's lifeless body and asks for his help.

Instead, he hands her a gun and walks out. Lucas returns to his office and finds Chloe there, contemplating jumping out the window.

She announces she's quit her job and wants him. Lucas responds by kissing her. Nicole finds E.J. at the club and reveals that she killed his lover.

When she pulls a gun on him, he takes it away and offers to leave town with her. But as they pack, Abe and Roman interrupt, thanks to a call from Lucas, and they arrest her for murder.

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Days of Our Lives
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