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Days of Our Lives
August 20, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives

After John gets the ventilation system working again at the hospital, he hears Stefano's voice warning him that he's too late.

He rushes to Stefano's room where he imagines seeing a young Stefano. John starts arguing with the vision about Colleen.

He runs out and straight into a vision of Santo who insists that things would have been different if he'd known that Colleen was pregnant.

He urges John to change his life and do good. John complains that his mother abandoned him. Santo urges him to be with Marlena.

He then disappears and is replaced by a vision of John's former self who tries to convince him that there is nothing but trouble to be found living in the DiMera world.

In her room, Marlena imagines seeing her sister Sam who asks if she's missed her. Marlena points out that her sister was murdered.

Sam claims that Marlena betrayed her vow as a doctor. Marlena pleads with her sister to give her the antidote. Instead, Sam lectures her, telling her to forget about John.

Marlena again pleads for the injection but Sam tells her she has to help herself. After the vision disappears, Marlena manages to grab the needle and injects herself.

As Stefano holds Steve and Kayla's baby, Rolf assures him that he has completed his assignment.

Tony and Anna wake up and both admit they had odd dreams about Stefano.

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