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Days of Our Lives
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

In Marseilles, Melanie tells Max and Stephanie that she can't help them get out of jail because she's broke. Unimpressed, Max vows to call Trent and tell him what he knows if she doesn't act now.

When Henderson brings him into the Pub, Caroline lays into Victor for getting Bo into trouble. Philip confides in Chelsea that Bo was trying to protect him by keeping the police from having the tape of him threatening Paul.

Chelsea is outraged and worries that Bo's career and more will be ruined because of this. Bo hands Roman the actual tape that features Philip threatening Paul. He explains that the tape that was destroyed was actually a copy.

Roman wants to arrest Philip but gives Bo 48 hours to find Hollingsworth. Victor apologizes to Bo who updates Hope on the need to find Paul. Trent is snooping when Caroline gets a call from Max and learns that Nick is in Europe with him.

Kate admits to Daniel that she's concerned that Chelsea may find out about them. Daniel claims that he just wants to help her as a friend. As they talk, Chelsea arrives and is curious to find them in close conversation.

Hearing Trent complain to someone on the phone about "her" maxing out her credit card, Nicole guesses he's upset about his daughter and wants to know why Trent is working so hard to keep Max from his sister.

Trent won't talk about it and when she presses him, he again threatens to tell Victor that they are still married.

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