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Days of Our Lives
August 5, 2008
Official Recap

Melanie refuses to believe that Max is her brother so he shows her the cellphone photo Trent had as proof. Stephanie interrupts and introduces herself, though Melanie's not pleased to meet her.

Melanie takes a call from her father and lies about studying hard. Melanie's impressed to realize that her brother is a famous race car driver.

Later, two cops grabs her and arrest her. As they stand over a comatose Stefano, Kayla tells E.J. and Tony that they still have no idea what might happen with him.

Nicole finds E.J. at the hospital and hears his life story about Stefano. Trent arrives next to threaten and harass Nicole.

After he threatens to tell Victor they're still married, E.J. pulls Nicole aside and loudly tells her about Max and Stephanie traveling in Europe, facts a nearby Trent overhears.

Nicole thanks him and later tells Trent to back off now that he's got what he wanted.

After reading a note from Ava revealing that she's left him, John's not pleased when Marlena finds him and warns that Stefano may come out of his coma after suffering a seizure.

Once she confirms they are still married, John points out they don't have to testify against each other after he kills Stefano.

Marlena insists she hates violence. After he leaves, Marlena discovers Ava's note in which she confesses she loves him but has to leave because she fears they have too much evidence to put her behind bars.

Hope finds Philip resting at the mansion and lays into him because of what Bo did with the evidence. However, she claims she's going to protect her husband and leaves.

Morgan surprises Philip and though he wants to kiss her passionately, she tells him to rest and be patient.

Marlena slips in to see Stefano and gets his blood pressure to rise dramatically by whispering that she'll do what she did again if she must.

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Days of Our Lives
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