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Days of Our Lives - 8/8/08
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At the church Brad the reporter claims that Bo tampered with evidence. As John secretly peeks into the church, Brad pulls out a note and claims it's an anonymous email which reads that Bo tampered with evidence.

Brad tells Roman that Bo took the tape and Bo confirms that there was a tape. Roman is forced to arrest Bo. Max interrupts at the Marseilles police station as Melanie is questioned about Tiffany's missing bracelet.

Max hands her the bracelet and asks Melanie to apologize but the police decide to throw both Max and Melanie into jail. Stephanie arrives and offers to bail Max out but not his sister.

She then realizes she doesn't have enough money. A lovesick George arrives and pays her bail, leaving Max behind with Stephanie.

Telling Tony he doesn't know who he can trust, Stefano vows to make everyone pay who betrayed him. Tony warns that he doesn't know all that has happened since his coma but Stefano boasts that he knows John took over his "empire."

He also blasts E.J. for leaking where John was being held.

He then announces that Marlena is going to pay for doing this to him. Marlena lies unconscious after being attacked by a stranger who injected her with a drug. She wakes and tries to grab her cellphone but passes out again.

When she opts not to take a call from her mother, Morgan explains to Philip that the woman doesn't care about her missing husband.

She describes how her mother never forgave her father for borrowing money from her grandmother to start a business which ultimately failed. Morgan claims their marriage couldn't take it and they broke up.

Kate wheels Victor in who privately warns Philip that the press knows about the recording. Philip confesses to Morgan about the recording of the threat he made to her father.

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