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Before Brady can drink the beverage Nicole spiked with cocaine, he gets a call from Marlena and rushes out. When he returns and agrees to keep her secret, she knocks the glass from his hands.

Shocked, he asks her why she did that and Nicole admits that she laced his drink with cocaine. He reminds her all he went through to kick his drug habit but she explains she wanted to protect her secret.

Brady counters that people in love don't lie but then backs off and once again agrees not to tell E.J. "the truth." Meanwhile, E.J. tells Sami that he wants to be with Nicole and confesses that he loves her.

She blasts him for ruining her life and warns that she doesn't want Nicole raising her child. Hanging up on him, Sami complains to Rafe who points out that at least Nicole told E.J. about her pregnancy.

Sami insists Nicole will ruin E.J.'s life. Though her parents aren't pleased with her decision, Chloe assures Lucas that she's going through with the bone marrow donation for Kate.

Daniel calls to request that she come to the hospital because there may be a problem with her white blood cell count. While Lucas chats with his mother, Daniel examines Chloe and stares deep into her eyes until he pulls back.

Daniel pron ounces her well and asks her to get plenty of sleep before tomorrow's procedure. E.J. tries to tell Nicole he ended things with Sami but she assumes the opposite and storms out.

He finds her packing and straightens out the misunderstanding. The assassin is given a photo of Rafe with a warning that he'll lead him to Sami.

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