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Chelsea runs into Max who admits he's decided he must get rid of the toy from his childhood because it reminds him of Trent. He gives it to Theo.

Melanie announces to Philip and Stephanie that not only did Nick fix his alternative fuel project but he also signed over all the business to her.

She boasts that she's therefore moved up at Titan and tells Stephanie that she's her "superior" now. Unimpressed, Philip fires her so she threatens to take the project to another company.

Guessing she's lying, Philip decides to go see Nick, leaving Melanie to chastise Stephanie as they walk through the offices at Titan.

The two then argue about who Philip likes better as Melanie hints that she and Philip had fun in her bedroom a few weeks ago.

When Philip returns and reports he couldn't get Nick to change his mind, Stephanie asks if he slept with Melanie.

He denies it and tries to kiss her only to have Melanie interrupt.

When Philip denies sleeping with her, a smug Melanie starts calling Stephanie names. Abe finds Bo upset at home and asks what's wrong.

Bo talks about his new ability to "see" things and mentions hearing someone crying earlier. As Daniel examines him later, Bo has a vision of a doctor working on a child who is not breathing.

Finding Stefano calling the Swiss doctor again, E.J. takes the phone from him and reminds him that he will not allow him to have anything to do with Nicole and their baby.

Daniel offers to help Nicole during her pregnancy but she explains she already has a doctor. He offers to send him her medical records and asks for his name.

Instead, Nicole brings her records to Dr. Baker and offers him a financial incentive to act as her doctor. He demands $750,000 to go along with her plan.

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