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After overhearing Philip tell Victor that he's quitting, Stephanie accuses Melanie of betraying Philip. Refusing to leave, Melanie warns Stephanie that she will find a way to get her out of Philip's life.

Stephanie urges Philip to get his job back.

Victor tells Melanie that he is going to accept her offer on the alternative fuel project. She insists that Philip be a part of it.

Philip calls to apologize and Victor agrees to give him his job back. Hearing the good news, Stephanie kisses Philip while standing under some mistletoe.

Melanie spots them and vows to ruin their growing relationship. Disappointed to find Chloe is gone, Daniel checks in with Kate who admits she's looking forward to spending Christmas with her family and him.

She hands him a box containing an heirloom necklace Bill Horton once gave her and asks him to deliver it to Chloe for her.

At the Horton cabin Lucas kisses Chloe but, still troubled by thoughts about Daniel, she backs away and sends him to his business meeting.

After Lucas calls to report he'll be late coming back, Daniel arrives and finds a key for the cabin.

As he unlocks the door, Chloe greets him, wearing only some sexy lingerie.

Hearing a noise from the bathroom, Rafe finds Sami lying on the floor. He brings her to the couch where she doubles over in pain.

He calls her doctor who guesses this is stress related.

Rafe considers resigning from this assignment because it's become too personal for him but Sami convinces him not to quit.

When E.J. tells Nicole that he wants to start sleeping with her, she won't allow it and claims her doctor has ordered her to get sleep soundly.

Dr. Baker confronts Nicole at the mansion and asks about the money he's demanding for his help with her scheme.

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