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Meeting John, Charlotte explains that her father Kenneth just passed away but that they kept the service private. John takes a moment to question Steve about the assassination.

Then returns to Charlotte who begins to discuss his unique case. She comes to the conclusion that she doesn't think he should feel bad about wanting to stay the way he is.

Marlena boasts to Kayla that if anyone can help John, it's her old professor Kenneth Taylor.

When Sister Teresa finally arrives, Sami asks Rafe to leave them be but he refuses to leave her alone. As Sami asks her if she knew Sister Agnes, Rafe spots a stranger enter the church and grabs him.

The nun is outraged and assures the agent that the person is friend of hers. Rafe announces that they are leaving and forces Sami to accompany him back to the safe house.

There, they argue about her desire to go back to the church. While they wait for her doctor to return with her file, Nicole complains to E.J. that they can't have sex.

When Dr. Baker returns, Nicole forces a moment alone with him so she can admit she hasn't told E.J. about her miscarriage.

Dr. Baker refuses to lie for her until she offers him cash to cover his huge debts. The doctor then assures E.J. that the baby is fine.

Stefano orders Swiss Doctor Heisman to fly to Salem to examine Nicole. Marlena meets Charlotte and John at the Pub.

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