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After Brady spots a vial of drugs in the park, John finds him and assumes the drugs are his. Brady crushes the bottle with his shoe.

Brady decides to badmouth him as a parent but John claims he's trying to change. He admits he's started therapy and eventually states that he believes him that he's not doing drugs.

Nicole catches Rafe snooping in the DiMera mansion and orders him to stop. Rafe lies that he's from the cable company but when he shows her his work order, she points out he's at the wrong address.

Before he leaves, Rafe stays long enough to hear Nicole talking to Brandon on the phone about her pregnancy. Downstairs, Nicole finds Rafe still in the mansion. He questions her about her pregnancy which makes her curious.

Demanding the jewels back, a gun-toting Ramon and his son order E.J. and Stefano to kneel down before they kill them.

Stefano's men suddenly appear and take the gunmen by surprise. Though Stefano threatens to kill Ramon, he decides to let him and his son go but orders his men to beat them first.

E.J. questions the safety of doing business for Stefano. Rafe returns and, after Hilda leaves, admits that he saw Nicole.

He admits that she didn't seem that excited about being pregnant.

She worries that he was caught on video by their security system. Meanwhile, Nicole arrives at the Cheatin' Heart and considers having a drink.

Max sees her and offers an apology for thinking she killed Trent. Nicole goes on the Internet and searches for sites about adoption.

When Stefano and E.J. return to the mansion, they learn about the cable repairman.

A suspicious Stefano demands to see the security tapes but learns the system was disabled.

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