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PART ONE: Today on Days of Our Lives, Philip tries to calm worried Chloe. Marlena sends John to see the pilot about what happened. The plane starts shaking and the pilot tells John he may have to land at the next airport. John takes over and tries to fly the jet safely. He discovers the radio is not working.

PART TWO: Bo confides to a snooping Marlena that he has something important to tell Hope but that he can't tell her right now. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) presses Kayla to tell her what's bothering Bo (Peter Reckell). John asks for Marlena's cellphone to try and contact someone for help but it doesn't work. The passengers begin to panic when John asks if anyone can get a cellphone signal.

PART THREE: The pilot announces that they are losing cabin pressure. John returns to the cockpit and takes control of the jet. He tries to dump some fuel but can't. Back in Salem Caroline talks with Victor about the elder Shawn and Colleen. Chelsea finds them together and asks about her father. Though they hesitate to talk about their affair, the two finally relent.

PART FOUR: Caroline gushes that the elder Shawn didn't leave her because he loved her and Chelsea admits she admires Bo for loving both of his fathers. Roman finds Kate in tears about Lucas going to prison and asks for him to help her son. Roman (Josh Taylor) claims he can't do anything to help but will contact the warden about placing him in a minimum security section.

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