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Days of Our Lives recap, Part I
Abe advises Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and the others that the plane is missing from the radar and they're not sure where it crashed. Roman is frustrated they don't have more information but Abe reminds him that John is a survivor. Abe reports that the search planes have returned to the airport and won't go back until tomorrow.

Days of Our Lives recap, Part II
Bo is brought back to life but devastated as he's reminded elder Shawn is gone. Marlena examines Steve. Crying over the elder Shawn's death, Shawn tells Belle that he wants their daughter to grow up with two parents. Shawn tells Belle that he wants to give their relationship another chance. They start kissing.

Days of Our Lives recap, Part III
Marlena and John decide to stay together in a tent to keep warm. When she complains about her shoulder, John invites her to remove her shirt. They start kissing. Chloe guesses Philip would rather be with Belle but Philip claims he's accepted he can't be with her. To stay warm, he suggests they strip and cuddle. They start kissing.

Days of Our Lives
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