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PART ONE: Today on Days of Our Lives, at the hospital Roman questions Bo about the crash. The two reminisce about the elder Shawn. Belle and Shawn arrive with Claire and Caroline. Bo boasts to Caroline that Shawn was a hero who gave up oxygen so that Bo and the others would live. As Bo admits how guilty he feels, Caroline claims that the elder Shawn was protecting his son and guesses Bo would do the same for his. Bo worries that his effort might be in vain because of Bo's illness but Lexie vows to keep him alive...

PART TWO: After Kayla and Steve are released, Steve slips out and eventually finds Ava the mystery woman. He grabs her but she gets the upper hand by hitting him in his bruised ribs. She continues to attack as she reminds him that he wanted her to have his baby. Ava states that she wants Steve back but adds that she wants him to suffer the way she has suffered. Steve accuses her of having someone sabotage the plane. When he senses someone approaching, Steve suddenly punches the thug and leaves.

PART THREE: She warns that it's not over. The sorority sisters meet with Chelsea and Stephanie to determine whether Chelsea can remain a member. In spite of the fact that she didn't trust them, they vote to keep her in the sorority. Stephanie and Morgan try to cheer up Max who laments Shawn's passing and wishes that he had taken his place. After Stephanie goes home, Morgan urges Max to realize how much Stephanie loves him. At home, Steve pulls a gun when he hears someone trying to enter...

Days of Our Lives
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