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Days of Our Lives recap, 2-26, pt. 1
Steve argues with Kayla about resting for the sake of her baby. Stephanie catches him leaving and accuses him of hiding something. She eventually runs out to pick up some food for her mother, enabling Steve to call Ava again about being late. John orders Marlena to arrange for him to see Stefano. But before he can go, Abe confronts him and reminds them both that John is still under "protective custody." John insists he's not a threat and calls Lexie over to make his case. Abe (James Reynolds) relents and allows him to leave.

Days of Our Lives recap, 2-26, pt. 2
Making arrangements for the elder Shawn's funeral, Roman tells Father Jensen he'll do the eulogy. Belle boasts to Sami that she and Shawn are back together. An upset Caroline runs into E.J. and offers him some advice based on her past mistakes with Victor and Shawn. She sends him and Sami home with the twins. When Sami thinks about the elder Shawn, she collapses into E.J.'s (James Scott) arms. While waiting for Steve, Ava vows to make him pay for walking out of her life.

Days of Our Lives recap, 2-26, pt. 3
Steve also makes a call for help about Ava, telling the person that she is responsible for the deadly plane crash. He barks that he wants to keep his past a secret to protect the people he loves. In front of a comatose Stefano with Marlena, John reveals that he is Santo and Colleen's son which makes him Stefano's half-brother. As Stefano is tormented, John boasts that the mansion is now his to do with as he pleases.

Days of Our Lives
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