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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 2-27-08

Days of Our Lives: Part One
Before the others arrive for the funeral service, Roman and Marlena get a chance to talk about the elder Shawn. John finds them together and admits that he's there to "pay his respects." As he chats with Roman about how everyone is related, Marlena wonders if he's a bit jealous of the time she's spending with Roman. He assures John that they've been friends a long time. Sami, E.J., Chloe and Philip arrive. Philip gives Sami a hard time about her relationship with E.J., especially as Lucas sits in prison.

Days of Our Lives: Part Two
Lexie agrees to release Bo from the hospital so that he can attend today's service. Hope privately asks Lexie if she's going to lose her husband but Lexie doesn't want to discuss his odds at this time. At the Pub Kimberly arrives in time to encourage Caroline who wonders how she's going to get through the ceremony. Kimberly then congratulates Kayla on her pregnancy. She offers to drive Caroline to the church but Victor interrupts. Kimberly is not pleased but Caroline asks her to head out.

Days of Our Lives: Part Three
Caroline then tells Victor she'll walk to the church on her own. After Steve sends Stephanie, Max and Kayla inside, he spots Ava and tries to chase after her only to be stopped by Abe and Lexie. E.J. escorts Caroline to the front of the church where she sits with Bo and Roman who gives the eulogy. Kimberly, Kayla and Bo follow with kind words about the elder Shawn. Chloe then sings a song in his honor. Afterwards, Caroline steps up to the coffin to say goodbye to her husband.

Days of Our Lives
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