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Today, on Days of Our Lives, Kayla suggests they fly Colleen to Salem for treatment but Colleen explains that she's had cancer for years and that she kidnapped Claire because it was the easiest way to get everyone to come to her. John lays into Colleen for what she did to Santo years ago.

Everyone urges John to back off but he refuses to forgive his mom. He points out that because of her deception, Stefano made life miserable for the Brady family all these years. Colleen calls Belle to her and asks her to bring Shawn, calling them the future of this family. She urges them not to forget who they are. Colleen encourages Hope to "stand by her man" and tells Marlena to keep the family together.

Belle gives John the medallion and suggests he give it to Sami. Instead, he throws it away but Marlena grabs it. Colleen tells Shawn that she hopes he forgives her. After Shawn leaves, Colleen asks John to come to her so she can hug her son. After he does so, Marlena brings everyone back in as Colleen breathes her last breath. Alone with him, Marlena gets John to admit he feels nothing now that she's dead.

After Marlena leaves, though, John returns to Colleen's body and kisses her goodbye, calling her "mom." Trying to reach Kayla, Lexie calls Philip and asks her to get a message to her. Downstairs, Belle and Shawn discuss whether they can be a couple again. Kayla calls Lexie and tells her about Colleen.

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