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Abe questions Bo about the shooting. Hope stops by Kayla's hospital room and asks for forgiveness.

Kayla assures her that she doesn't blame her for the shooting. Kayla is shocked when Hope mentions Bo's vision.

When Steve enters and hears them talking, he tries to not to get involved but Kayla asks if Bo told him.

Sending Hope out, Steve confides to his wife that Bo did tell him and he apologizes. She forgives him.

Abe suggests to Bo that he's a hero for killing the assassin but Bo points out he betrayed his wife by not telling her the truth about his vision.
Later, Hope reveals that she's moving into Doug and Julie's place while they're out of town. Nicole's scream about her baby interrupts E.J. and Brady's argument.

With Brady trailing behind, Nicole and E.J. take Sydney to the hospital.

As they wait for word from Lexie, Nicole blames herself for what's happening. Brady comforts her with a hug but when E.J. sees them embracing, he orders Brady to get out.

Stephanie lets Philip know that she doesn't like hearing his threats to "bring down" Melanie. He counters that it's strictly business and vows to protect Titan's interests.

Melanie advises Max that she's decided to work on the fuels project with the DiMera family instead of Titan.

He wonders aloud why she's trying to start a fight between the two families and guesses that she expects Philip to marry her to keep the project at Titan.

Max points out that Philip has no feelings for her but she disagrees. Rafe confides to Sister Teresa that he lied to his boss so he can continue to "guard" Sami. Later, Sami's thrilled to hear they can be together longer.

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