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E.J. (James Scott) tells Sami that they've got to leave town to be safe and can't return until Stefano's locked up for good. Sami refuses but E.J. explains that Stefano wants their son and insists no cop can protect her. Sami runs out followed by E.J. who takes her home.

When a package arrives containing a baby rattle, Sami changes her mind and announces that it's time to leave. E.J. makes a call and Sami is grateful when Abe (James Reynolds) arrives to take them to someplace safe. Marlena updates Bo that John is back in his hospital bed and has been restrained again.

As Marlena tries to convince Bo that she thinks John (Drake Hogestyn) is beginning to remember her again, Roman accuses John of trying to trick Marlena. After Roman leaves, John goes to work on opening his cuffs.

Later, when Marlena and Hope enter, John grabs Marlena and threatens to hurt her if Hope calls for help.

Marlena (Deidre Hall) challenges him and he releases her as he remembers being tortured and starts shaking uncontrollably. The police grab John and restrain him again. After they sedate him, Marlena accuses him of being unable to harm her and guesses that he's remembering his past.

Steve hints to Kayla that he's wants to take her to bed but she puts him off until the timing is right for her to become pregnant. She runs home, runs a test and then calls Steve to hurry home for sex.

But their romp in bed is delayed, thanks to a visit from an unsuspecting Caroline ...

Days of Our Lives
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