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Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part One

Crystal hides out in a hotel room with Claire.Philip tells Belle (Martha Madison) about Claire. Locked up, Lucas asks Stefano why his high-priced lawyers can't get him out. Stefano offers to have them free Lucas so that he can help pry Sami away from his son but Lucas isn't interested. When Stefano leaves to meet with his attorney, Lucas searches through his things and finds the man's cellphone.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part Two

He quickly calls Sami and asks her to bring their daughter to see him. She refuses and announces that she's leaving town to go someplace where it's safe. He accuses her of doing this to hurt him and when she argues that she's just trying to protect them from Stefano, he points out Stefano's in jail. He's furious to hear E.J. in the background. After she hangs up on him, Sami tells E.J. about his father being locked up.

Days of Our Lives Episode Guide: Part Three

Hearing John (Drake Hogestyn) call out "Doc," Marlena rushes into his hospital room. John admits that he had a dream about her. While she heads back out to the hallway, John remembers Stefano boasting that his entire memory had been erased. When he wakes screaming again, Marlena urges Dr. Carrington to reduce the dosage of the drug she's giving him. Roman steps in and claims that it's a bad idea to have Marlena in charge of John's treatment and announces that Dr. Carrington is now in charge.

Days of Our Lives
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