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Billie pushes Nick to tell her what happened at the sorority but he won't talk. She warns him he's causing more trouble for Chelsea by not coming clean about Ford. The dean arrives with Crawford and says that Detective Sullivan will be stopping by later He warns Billie and Nick that they could be out of a job. Chelsea meets with the rest of the sorority girls and tells them about Crawford's threats and the found contact lens.

As Days of Our Lives really gets rolling, Chelsea suggests that they tell the police what happened but Morgan states that Ford got what he deserved. As the discussion ends, the girls take a vote. Hearing the girls meet to discuss Ford, Max convinces Stephanie to get to the sorority house. Finding the vote leaning towards going to the police, Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) admits that Ford raped her too and pleads with them to protect her and Ford's other victims by keeping this secret. Everyone except Chelsea changes their votes.

After Dr. Carrington gives John a truth serum in spite of Marlena's request to stop, John mumbles that he has a mission but won't say what it is. When she mentions Stefano's name, he visibly reacts. Out in the hall, Marlena again pleads with Dr. Carrington to stop using drugs on John (Drake Hogestyn) and insists she be allowed to treat John. Carrington refuses and considers putting him in the psychiatric ward. Hope tells Bo it's time for her to go back to work as a Salem cop. Billie fears Chelsea is in trouble again.

Days of Our Lives
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