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As Days of Our Lives opens, Marlena stops by the station and asks Roman if she can see Stefano. Surprisingly, he lets her in after she hints that she intends to do whatever she has to in hopes of getting Stefano to talk. Marlena warns Stefano she's going to use a truth serum to find out what she needs to know.

Roman insists he'll do what he has to in order to get Claire back and turns on a video recorder. Marlena gets a drugged Stefano to admit John will not stop until he finds his target and destroys it.

Shawn tells the stranger in the building that he's there to pick up a little girl, adding that Stefano sent him. The stranger grabs him from behind but Chloe sneaks up and knocks him out.

Shawn then spots Rob and demands that he take him to Claire. Instead, Rob pulls out a gun.

Rob's associate tries to attack Shawn again but runs off leaving Shawn to beat Rob until the police arrive and take him to Roman who vows to find out where Claire is. Shawn and Chloe find pics of Claire, Belle, Marlena, John and the others at the building. At the Pub, Kayla decides that Stephanie should tell her father ...

Kayla reveals that Stephanie was raped by Ford. Steve's upset Kayla knew and didn't confide in him. Stephanie assures her father she's getting help. Crawford interrupts and asks Stephanie where his son is.

She claims she has no sympathy for him or his son.

Pushed by Nick, Chelsea speaks up that she knows Ford is dead. Sami stops by to say goodbye and an agitated John remembers being told that "this woman" is your target.

Days of Our Lives
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