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PART I: At the Pub Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) describes in detail for Crawford how Ford was killed. Stephanie tells her friend she shouldn't have come clean as Crawford accuses Chelsea of pushing his son to his death. Steve orders him to back off but Crawford demands the name of the person who posed as his son to fool the security camera. Chelsea lies that she doesn't know nor does she know who took the body...

PART II: After Crawford leaves, Max arrives and confesses he took the body but won't say where it is. Marlena (Deidre Hall) is pleased as she wakes a drugged Stefano. Unable to move, Stefano tries to call out for help but his voice can barely be heard. Marlena admits she's about to inject him with a mixture of drugs that will paralyze him for the rest of his life. He claims she can't do this because she's a doctor ...

PART III: Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) offers to give her John back and boasts that he downloaded everything from John's brain onto a disc that can be uploaded back to him. She doesn't believe him and, after she injects him, Stefano issues a curse on her and her family. As the drugs take effect, Stefano's last words warn that she'll never find out John's mission. As she leaves, Marlena tells the guard Stefano had a stroke.

PART IIII: Facing an angry group of cops and family members, Rob claims that he doesn't know where Claire is but adds that Crystal does. He warns that he thinks Claire is being taken out of the country and then reveals Crystal also used the name Desiree Wilson. After she leaves, John remembers Stefano giving him the name of his target, "Abban," and that he'll find the target in Europe...

Days of Our Lives
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