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Today on Days of Our Lives, Lexie advises Roman that her tests show no sign Stefano had a stroke. Anna gives Tony a hard time when he approaches her at the Pub. He can't understand why she is so mad at him for buying an ad agency. After he leaves, Anna complains to Caroline about Tony and  admits her plan to get back at him. E.J. and Sami hide until he gets a call from Roman and heads to the hospital.

Lexie meets him and Tony and the three agree to let Stefano stay as he is. At the new Abban Bed and Breakfast Shawn and Belle announce they're looking for Crystal who has taken their baby. Crystal emerges and claims she doesn't know if she can trust them with her. John (Drake Hogestyn) hides his knife as Marlena recognizes the woman in the chair and claims she's supposed to be dead.

The woman announces she will answer everyone's questions.

Hope recognizes her. She and bo ask Marlena why John is with her. John announces that Stefano wanted him to find this mystery woman. The woman explains that Stefano found out she was alive so she's been spying on him. Belle and Shawn enter and demand to know where Claire is. Marlena claims this woman would not hurt a Brady and the woman reveals she is Colleen Brady.

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