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Days of Our Lives
July 1, 2008 Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

E.J. boasts to Lucas that he'll be with Sami at today's holiday Horton/Brady barbecue but Lucas claims he wasn't invited.

E.J. reminds him that he's Sami's husband so Lucas goads him into staying at the mansion. As he exits, Nicole arrives and invites him to party with her.

After Lucas and E.J. leave, Nicole starts going through John's desk but is caught by Rolf. E.J. returns and leaks that Sami found out that he lied about still being married.

Lucas is crushed to hear E.J. tell Nicole that Sami admitted she had feelings for him
. Doug and Julie return to Salem in time for today's big bash and stop by Bo and Hope's place.

Bo privately tells Doug about Chelsea dating a much older man. Doug urges him to back off and points out that his own efforts to foil Bo and Hope's young relationship almost cost him the love of his daughter.

Hope does the same to Julie who is thrilled to hear Daniel is a doctor. Philip confronts Chloe and chastises her for talking but she claims she was just trying to protect him. He suggests that she's actually made things worse.

Claiming she knows he had nothing to do with the fire at the docks, Chloe tells Philip they've got to find Paul to prove it.

Done talking about her date with Daniel, Morgan worries to Chelsea that her father may never come back. She runs into Philip who states that he has people looking for her father.

She relates that his bags were found at his place all packed but no sign of Paul. Chloe watches Morgan and Philip hug before Morgan leaves and confronts Philip about the show of affection.

Joining the barbecue already in progress, Roman challenges Bo to see who makes the best burgers.

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