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Days of Our Lives
July 11, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Max calls for help while Caroline pleads with him to wake up. Once the EMTs arrive, Caroline decides to follow them to the hospital.

Stephanie finds it hard to believe that Max is not going to look for the mystery girl who may be his sister.

She decides to go see Chelsea on her first day of work at the hospital. Outside the Pub, Kate urges Chloe to forget about Philip but Chloe hints that she wouldn't be happy to hear about their relationship

Bo presses Philip to tell him about his problems with Lucas but he won't talk. Hole then works finding out why Lucas left the mansion.

Morgan calls Philip with the shocking news about Victor's collapse. At the hospital Chelsea boasts to Daniel about her new trainee job there

As he talks about getting something to eat after lunch, a nurse tells him that Victor is on his way in to the ER. While Daniel gets to work on Victor, Bo arrives and comforts a shaken Caroline.

Also there, Philip warns Kate that Lucas is back behind bars after leaving the mansion to go see Chloe. He also tells her about Lucas being caught with her in the stalled elevator car.

Daniel comes out to the hallway where he reveals Victor had a stroke and is asking for Kate and Caroline. Kate confides to Daniel that she's happy Chelsea has him in her life.

She adds that Chelsea can never find out what happened between Kate and Daniel. Back at the Pub, Max leaves a note for Stephanie and Caroline and then grabs his bag as he leaves.

Later, determined to find out what Max is planning, Stephanie returns to the Pub and reads the letter.

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

Days of Our Lives
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