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Days of Our Lives
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Nicole overhears Chloe talking on the phone to Nancy about having sex with Lucas in the elevator and calls her a tramp.

She follows her into the Pub and, when she accuses her again of sleeping with Lucas, Sami overhears her. Sami calls her a liar but Chloe tells her to ask Lucas.

She points out that Sami has been cheating on him while he was in prison. Sami blames her for Lucas going back to jail.

Chloe responds that her troubles with Lucas are entirely her own fault. The two then start throwing food at each other.

After Nicole wonders to herself why Lucas would want anything to do with these women, Sami throws a handful of food at Chloe who ducks. E.J. enters the Pub in time to get a face full, thanks to Sami.

He stops the fight and lectures Sami who responds that he is the reason Lucas is back behind bars.

E.J. laughs at the claim. Sami announces she's moving out tonight but later, at the mansion, E.J. claims to have filed a petition that won't allow her to take their son from him until after a custody hearing.

After Philip pleads with an unconscious Victor not to die, Bo promises him that he'll live. Learning Victor had a stroke, Chelsea pleads with Daniel to save his life.

Hearing Kate talk up Daniel's abilities, Chelsea asks why she refused to allow Daniel to operate on her. While Daniel leaves to check on Victor after he wakes, Philip tells Morgan about his condition.

He panics when she reveals that her father left her a note saying he knew who was after him and left proof. She asks for Philip's help going through Paul's things.

They go to the Pub where she is handed a note which reveals there is a package waiting for her at the post office.

Victor asks Bo for help with Philip. Daniel remembers Kate stopping him from drinking one night and he assures her he has no regrets about their past.

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