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Days of Our Lives
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July 15, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives, Philip accompanies Morgan to retrieve the package her father sent her. She worries that she's not going to like what she finds inside it.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope try to figure out which post office is holding the package. Hope helps him learn it's at the one near Salem University. He calls a judge to get a search warrant.

Meanwhile, at the post office, a clerk tells Morgan she's too late. She explains to Morgan that because the delivery attempt failed, it's probably being returned to the sender.

Philip asks the clerk to go look for the package and eventually, Morgan and Philip leave with it. Later, Bo arrives at the post office and asks for the package but is told Morgan took it.

Philip accompanies Morgan to the Pub where she nervously asks him to open it. Bo and Hope arrive and Bo orders Philip not to open it, showing them the warrant he has.

Hope orders Philip to leave while Bo invites Morgan to the station house. There, Morgan opens the package and finds money inside plus a note telling Morgan it should be enough to keep her free from her mother.

An emotional Morgan can't take it and walks out with Hope. Bo finds a device inside that features a recording of Philip threatening to kill Paul if he doesn't do as ordered.

When E.J. boasts that his court order won't allow her to take his son with her, she calls him a true DiMera, just like his father Stefano.

Guessing he bribed a judge, she vows to expose his scheme but he ignores her threat and tells her she can leave but not with his son.

Sami insists she'll do whatever she has to do to keep her children safe but E.J. states that her anger is a concern to him as he only wants what is best for his son. Sami points out she doesn't think Nicole is a good influence for their son.

Days of Our Lives
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