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Days of Our Lives
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on Days of Our Lives:
After receiving a text message from Max, Stephanie makes a reservation for a flight to France.

She stuns Caroline with the news that Max is in France and hands her the note he left. When Chelsea arrives, Stephanie tells her friend that Trent Robbins is the cause of all of this.

E.J.'s suspicious when Nicole admits that she and Trent are friends. E.J. pulls her aside and tries to convince her to stay away from Trent but Trent interrupts and ends their chat.

Leaving, E.J. kisses Nicole and warns Trent he'll be watching him. Caroline heads to the hospital but when she sees Trent, she tells him out of the blue that this is all his fault.

Hearing from a snooping Nicole that his son is gone, Trent calls Max but he hangs up on his father. Morgan advises Abe that she doesn't want the money her father sent and instructs him to hold it for her Paul when he returns.

Pleased that he destroyed the disc, Ava invites John to celebrate with her. Roman updates a shocked Marlena about Sami and her troubles with Lucas and E.J.

Though she's encouraged to hear E.J. was caught having sex with Nicole in the elevator, Roman advises her that Lucas was in the next car with Chloe.

Marlena guesses this is her fault and points out all the years Sami witnessed her trying to decide between two men.

Bo leaves Victor's room and grabs Philip. He takes him home and announces that he knows that he threatened Paul and leaks that he gave the recording to Victor.

Philip insists he didn't kill Paul and doesn't know where he is. Kate slips in to see Victor and finds and plays the recording of Philip's threat.

She decides to destroy the evidence. Interrupting John and Ava as they kiss, E.J. tells John he wants to work for him. John accepts the challenge.

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