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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Showing off his new apartment to Chelsea, Daniel starts kissing her. He admits that she's the main reason he's decided to stay in Salem.

Ava suggests to John that they skip their trials and flee the country. John claims he doesn't have to leave because he's innocent.

She asks if he's staying for Marlena's sake.

Admitting she overheard the conversation about Paul probably being dead, she warns him that he'll be charged with his murder.

Marlena meets with Roman about Ava and hands him the notes from her session with her. He explains he's going to have Steve and Kayla testify against her.

The two stop by their place where Steve agrees to take the stand against Ava. Kayla confides to Marlena about her argument with Steve about Ava. Philip invites a worried Morgan to come home with him.

As they leave, Bo watches and is furious with himself for giving Victor the recording. He runs out and pulls Philip aside, suggesting that it's not a good idea for him to be with Paul's daughter.

Philip again insists he's not responsible for Paul's disappearance. Still on the train, Stephanie reports to Max that while they are only 30 miles from Marseilles, there is something on the track that has stopped the train.

As they wait, Max uses his GPS to steer them to the correct street where Melanie called from. Stephanie calls a friend who tells her about a girl's boarding school on that same street.

Max calls the place but gets nowhere so Stephanie tries and leaves a message for the girl to call her. Marlena stops by the mansion and urges Ava to move back into her father's place but she refuses.

Marlena then asks John if he killed Paul. Bo leaks to Steve about taking evidence.

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