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Days of Our Lives
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Daniel's upset when he finds Chelsea in Victor's hospital room. She admits she's worried about her father and suspects Victor's involved.

Daniel claims he's not only protecting his patient but he's also trying to keep her safe from Victor's "dangerous world."

Hope and Bo run to the mansion when he gets a call that Philip's been shot. Roman comforts a shattered Kate as the EMTs work on saving Philip's life. Morgan is beside herself.

Bo prevents Morgan from going with the ambulance while Roman takes a moment to accuse John of setting this up. E.J. and John describe how Ava's bodyguard assumed Morgan was looking for a gun and pulled out his to stop her.

They add that Philip jumped in front of her and took the bullet for her. When Roman again suspects John's involved, John asks E.J. if they can have Morgan charged with a crime.

When E.J. agrees, John demands Roman back off or he'll insist he arrest Morgan. Later, E.J. receives word that extradition for Ava has been denied.

John reads the notice and boasts that Judge Fitzpatrick will be handling her trial so she has nothing to worry about. Ava guesses he's got the judge in his pocket and offers to thank him with sex.

Afterwards, John hints that he knows what happened to Paul. At the station house Morgan tells Hope that her father is dead and John killed him.

When Bo questions her about Paul, Morgan admits that he warned her to stay away from Philip. Hope presses Bo to tell her what's eating him and threatens to go to Abe but Bo refuses.

At the hospital waiting for word on Philip, Kate sits by Victor's bed and slowly tells him about the shooting. But as she does, his life support machines sound an alarm and Daniel acts quickly to save his life.

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