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Days of Our Lives
July 29 Recap

On today's Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie's jealous when she spots a woman approach Max inside a bar and kiss him. Max explains to Stephanie that Daphne is a reporter who once covered car racing.

Daphne makes some calls for Max and reports back that Melanie has a "party girl" reputation at the school for "trust fund babies."

Stephanie does some snooping at the bar and meets George who reveals that Melanie took all of his money and then left him.

The bartender makes a call about the two people asking questions about Melanie. Later, someone follows Max. As Nicole watches Marlena giving Trent a hard time at the Java Caf?, E.J. arrives and sits with her.

He tries to make a case for their relationship but she claims he's still in love with Sami. E.J. insists that she is the first woman who has made him sit up and take notice.

He boasts that the sex in the elevator was incredible but she claims they can never have a relationship. As Trent stares at Nicole, Nick arrives for a meeting with the professor and helps solve a problem for him.

Hoping to find out where Max is, Trent then asks him about renting out the Pub and suggests he talk to Max about it but Nick claims he should really ask Caroline.

However, Trent later eyes Nick's laptop and finds an article about the famous race car driver being in France. He then interrupts E.J. and Nicole and privately tells her how cozy they looked together.

Nicole again insists that E.J. is her attorney. Meanwhile, Marlena is giving E.J. a hard time about the way he's been treating Sami, especially how he's been trying to take her son from her.

E.J. claims that she was trying to do the same to him. She then chastises him for his scheme with immigration and accuses him of bribing a judge.

Comparing him to Stefano, Marlena leaks that she has told all to immigration.

Outside, Trent orders Nicole to find out what Max is doing in France. When she claims she can't, he threatens to reveal their big secret that they are still married.

Until tomorrow's Days of Our Lives ...

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