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Days of Our Lives
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on Days of Our Lives, Hope is forced to hold Bo back when they come home and find Daniel and Chelsea making out in the dark.

Caroline, Victor and Kate also arrive and Kate faints at the sight. Daniel rushes over to try to revive her.

When she comes to, she pulls Chelsea aside and orders her to end things with the doctor. Meanwhile, Lexie lectures Daniel who claims this feels right to him.

John finally opens the door to the lab and Marlena looks inside to see how he's destroyed the place. After realizing he destroyed the disc, Marlena slaps him.

Calling him the shell of the man she once loved, Marlena walks out. Sami panics when she can't find Lucas at the DiMera mansion.

She comforts Marlena who explains what John did. As John returns with Ava, Sami blasts him for hurting her mother.

After Ava claims she and John have a connection because they're both victims, John defends his decision, insisting he's in control of his life now and takes Ava upstairs with him.

Marlena returns to the lab and finds the broken disc. Sami decides to take the twins to the Salem Inn. Meanwhile, still trapped in the Inn's elevator car, Chloe thanks Lucas for calming her and then starts kissing him again.

But in the midst of yet another kiss, Chloe pulls back and admits that she feels like she's betraying Philip.

In the next car, Nicole attacks E.J. who responds with glee. But their efforts to have sex in the cramped quarters are halted when he accidentally calls out Sami's name.

He apologizes and eventually, she starts kissing him again only to stop and ask if he has protection. At the Pub, Max shows Nick the photo he found with his father and guesses that the girl in the picture is his sister.

He seeks his help with Robbins and Nick takes the professor's cellphone. Max finds a number often called and dials it himself. The female voice answering calls out "dad."

What happens next? Find out in our Days of Our Lives spoilers!

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