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Days of Our Lives
Tuesday, July 8
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Hearing a girl's voice on the other end of the phone, Max says "hello" and she asks who he is. When he won't reveal who he is, she asks why he has her father's phone and hangs up on him.

He checks the call directory and realizes there are only initials, not names listed. Stephanie pushes him to find out who the girl is and excitedly tells him he might have a sister.

They argue about the pain Robbins has caused him and eventually, Max agrees to investigate her without telling anyone. On her cellphone at the Salem Inn, Sami gets an update about the power failure from her dad.

She hangs up and asks who is trapped in the elevator. She tries calling Lucas but gets his voicemail. Inside one of the cars, Lucas assures Chloe that he's done with Sami because she wants E.J.

In the other car, Nicole is overjoyed after having sex with E.J. and thanks him. The car suddenly starts moving and the door opens. Seeing E.J. emerge, Sami rushes to him only to see him buttoning his shirt as Nicole also leaves the car.

Sami is outraged he had sex with Nicole but he blames her, reminding Sami that she told him to move on. Claiming she has Lucas, Sami boasts that he would never have sex in an elevator.

Nicole claims this is Sami's fault and calls her stupid for letting E.J. go. Meanwhile, Chloe thanks Lucas for the great sex and asks if he's having second thoughts.

He insists he doesn't regret it but then worries when he can't open the door in the ceiling of the car. As the main doors are pried open, Lucas tries to slip out unseen but Sami quickly spots him and yells his name.

Nicole and then Roman also see Lucas and Roman reminds him he was under house arrest. Sami cries as Roman announces he's going back to prison.

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