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Days of Our Lives
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's Days of Our Lives:

E.J. tries to talk with Nicole about their moment in the stalled elevator car but she claims it was just sex and nothing more. Robbins interrupts and kisses Nicole, calling her an old friend.

After E.J. leaves, Robbins asks who the guy is to her. Nicole insists he's just her lawyer but he orders her to end her relationship with E.J. Nicole refuses. Bo and Abe tell Morgan about the letter.

Philip listens from outside as Morgan claims that Chloe is lying about what she saw. Philip interrupts and offers his help to her but admits he's actually there to see Lucas.

When Chloe arrives at the station house, she mistakenly assumes he's there to help her rival
. Angry, she announces that she's seeing someone else but won't reveal his name. When Lucas is brought out, Chloe pleads for Philip to help him, telling him that Lucas cares for her.

Morgan reads the letter supposedly from her father in which he claims he's leaving town because he has enemies and is embarrassed by his past. In the letter, he hints that he's left something important for her.

Morgan approaches Philip which sends Chloe into another tirade until she blurts out that she had sex with Lucas. After he tells Steve and Kayla about Robbins, Kayla urges him to let Caroline know the truth too.

Once he leaves to find her, Steve orders Stephanie to stay away from Max but she refuses. Steve takes the mystery phone number and offers to find out all he can about it.

Max stuns Caroline with the news about his birth father and the sister he may have. Steve joins E.J. as he watches Robbins arguing with Nicole. He tells E.J. about the professor.

Nicole returns to E.J. and confides that they can never have sex again. After a call, Steve tells Max the phone number is registered to someone named Melanie Layton.

Caroline warns Robbins that she knows who he is and if he hurts Max, he'll have to answer to her.

Until tomorrow on Days of Our Lives ...

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