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Days of Our Lives
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on Days of Our Lives ...

Chelsea gives Daniel a hard time when he admits he doesn't know what's wrong with Kate. Later, Kate's happy to be out of pain and chats with the doctor about Chelsea. He agrees not to have anything to do with Chelsea while she works at the hospital.

After the two apologize, Steph asks Max about his argument with the head of the physics department. As she asks, Nick enters the Pub with Robbins. Stephanie interrupts and privately warns Nick about the big argument Max had with Robbins earlier.

He questions Robbins who claims that Max is not a big fan of his. Nick lays into Max for the argument until Max confesses that he made some changes to Nick's work. Nick returns to Robbins and announces he's giving back the grant money for the project, suggesting he enlist Max to work on it.

When Philip invites Morgan to dinner, she guesses Chloe won't be happy to see them together. As they dine, Paul calls and is not pleased to hear she's with Philip. Watching Chloe cry at the docks, Lucas calls her and apologizes for his harsh words earlier.

He agrees to partner with her to protect each other emotionally. Lucas leaves but bumps into Paul as he does so. Lucas insists they don't know each other. Chloe finds Morgan leaving Philip and is upset until Philip kisses her.

As Ava arrives at the mansion, Sami hides Lucas' ankle monitor. When John asks her to leave, she angrily reminds him that he's married but he points out that Marlena walked out on him.

Before she exits, Sami snaps a cellphone photo of them. She panics later when Roman calls about stopping by to see Lucas. Meanwhile, Ava questions John about his marriage and he insists that the relationships with his wife and his daughter are unimportant to him.

He adds that the man Marlena married no longer exists and offers a toast to a new start for them both. Ava admits that she met with Marlena in the mansion to seek help for her troubled mind.

Later, John kisses her. Roman asks Sami where Lucas is. Lucas suddenly pops out, much to Sami's relief.

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