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Days of Our Lives
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on Days of Our Lives:

Stephanie confronts Max and demands to know what's wrong. When he won't talk, she decides to kiss him and the two end up in bed together.

As she sleeps later, Max tells himself that no one can ever know about "him." Kayla tells a surprised Caroline about Max's mathematical genius.

Caught with Ava, John explains to Marlena that he invited her over for dinner. He asks if she's jealous and she points out that they are still married.

John responds that they haven't been living that way. After Sami fills her in on the fire at the docks, John tells Marlena he's fighting Philip his own way and Ava adds her support for his decision.

When he adds that he's moving on with his current life and is not concerned about the past, Marlena announces that she's moving out.

Later, Ava guesses to John that he's still in love with Marlena. E.J. boasts to Nicole that he's figured out how to get the most money from Victor in her divorce settlement but then insists that she keep secret from Sami the truth about the annulment.

Ava meets Nicole and talks about her date with John, admitting she didn't go to bed with him. Daniel orders more tests for Kate and tells her he's determined to find out what's wrong with her.

As she writhes in pain, Chelsea arrives and demands some answers. Out in the hall, she lets slip to the doctor that she's falling in love with him.

Victor questions Philip about the fire at the docks and guesses that he's in over his head. Philip denies it.

Daniel discovers Kate has "omental torsion" and decides she needs immediate surgery, promising her that she'll be fine afterwards. Chelsea thanks Daniel with a hug.

Lucas wants to rush to the hospital after Chloe tells him about Kate. She asks him if he was at the docks earlier but he won't talk about it.

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